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Boulevard Valle Dorado 41A-6, Valle Dorado Tlalnepantla, Edo. Mex. Mexico 54020

Vision and Purpose

Search for Energy Projects

  • Explore the Electrical Market, to seek out feasible projects, where need to be “glued” by combine: expertise, strong financial allies, and recourses, to make it happen, with the purpose of obtain benefits to satisfy the investment.
  • We believe always there is a feasible projects, whish need talent and creative people to make them a reality, where is our people who dare and do it.
  • We based our performance in trust to give and receive. By using transparency, facts, and trustworthy numbers substantiated by evidence.
  • We dream, there is not impossible but just obstacles.
  • Production: Photovoltaics Projects over 50 MW, ready to bild & GAS combine cycle projects where is the existance of gas provisioning and ovr 300 MW.
  • Projects in line transmisión or border crossing. Ready to Build
  • Organizations willing to cede 95% of ownership or sell the project once is in operation.
  • Operations which are runing with positive profit income

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